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This will change your regimen.

Serum Savant

Serum Savant

The Original

Highest concentration of Halo-C. Change your skin and what you demand from your skin care.

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Serum Savant Primer

Serum Savant Primer

For Makeup & Life

Lighter in feel, this dries down quickly and provides the ideal canvas for cosmetics—or simply a far fresher face.

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Capture the Three Dimensions of Youth

What it Does

Plastic surgeons see skin differently. Dr. Kane insisted any product deliver visible, true results from every aspect and angle. Cosmetic effects or lines alone are not enough.


Lines: Fine lines and wrinkles become less visible. Reduce depth and contrast.


Density+ Lift: Ideal skin is full, plump and lush. Serum Savant contours from below the surface of skin to lift and firm from every angle.


Light: Deep moisture creates a full, liquid light. Skin is lit from within, not merely reflected on the surface with luminizers.

Kane NY
Kane NY

Carrier, Contour, and Catalyst

Halo-C: Why it’s Key

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is what makes 95% of fillers work. Dr Kane relentlessly perfected it into our proprietary HALO-C complex. Cascades of multi-sized HA molecules pour into and through skin, dispatching benefit into every cellular nook and cranny.

Kane NY

How it Works

Each Halo-C Molecule carries 1000x its weight in plump, limitless moisture.

  • The largest restore the natural barrier, locking in active ingredients at work.
  • Some suspend throughout skin’s structure to refill the plushness of youth.
  • The tiniest go where no topical has before, pulling brighteners, vitamins & actives into deep levels where new skin is generating.

This boosts the overall effect of proven ingredients, deep where changes are made:

01. Niacin: deeply moisturizes and speeds cell metabolism for smooth, radiant tone and texture.

02. Stabilized Vitamin E: antioxidant and healer.

03. Stabilized Vitamin C: lightener and brightener, uniquely encapsulated to preserve efficacy.

04. Vitamin B5: soothing radiance.

05. Lavendula Stoechas Extract: clinically proven to reduce wrinkles and stuck muscles (see: frown lines.)

Kane NY

See the Difference

Serum Savant reanimates the lift, lines and plush of youth well below the surface.

Participant questionnaire summary.

Skin feels significantly more hydrated: 70% agree
Skin is significantly more radiant: 73.33% agree
Skin feels significantly tighter: 66.7% agree
Line and wrinkles appear dramatically smoother and softer: 73.33% agree
Kane NY - Results

01: Under Eye Baseline

02: 27.67% wrinkle reduction

Kane NY - Results

01: Under Eye Baseline

02 - Day 14:
36.24% wrinkle reduction

03 - Day 28:
58.32% wrinkle reduction

Kane NY - Results

01: Brow Baseline

02: 66.33% wrinkle reduction

I've tried many serums and few are equal to their promise. This serum exceeds it. The improvements are not temporary; they last.”