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Dr. Michael Kane

Works like a plasic surgeon. This one.

Dr. Michael Kane

The global expert in injectables

  • Pioneered Botox® for cosmetic purposes.
  • Taught more people worldwide to use injectibles than anyone else.
  • Youngest board-certified plastic surgeon. Ever.
  • Speaker, author, educator who appears and publishes at medical conferences all over the world.
  • Elite NYC plastic surgeon.

I didn’t need to put my name on a product. If it didn’t make changes – real, cumulative changes – I could see it wasn’t going to happen. So we kept going back to the drawing board.”

Kane NY

Dr. Kane went to film school before he went to medical school. So perhaps it is this artist’s eye combined with a surgeon’s precision that led him to a new conclusion on skincare and its effects.

Kane NY - Serum Savant

Dr. Kane developed SERUM SAVANT to achieve success by the same criteria he assesses in-office:

  • 01 Visible
  • 02 Changed skin dimension
  • 03 Changes as seen by a plastic surgeon

No stock or off-the-shelf formula would do. It had to actually penetrate and actively influence skin—not just sit and feel pretty on the surface.

Knowing what works in fillers and injectibles, he wanted to harness what makes them work for the home client. worked closely with the best chemists to create HALOC and SERUM SAVANT.

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Plastic surgeons see skin differently than dermatologists. The face is sculptural and dimensional. Our results need to be immediate, undeniable and yet completely natural, or we haven’t succeeded. Anything I do has to live up to that.”