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Kane NY

100% Efficacy rate in clinical trials

Visual. Contour. Radiance.

Plastic surgeons see skin differently. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is what makes 95% of fillers work, and Dr. Kane relentlessly perfected with our proprietary HALO-C complex. This serum is proven to bring visual, contour and radiance to your skin.

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Our Products: Injectible intelligence, packaged for potency. Free of dyes and artificial fragrances.

Morning Routine

  • Part serum, part créme
  • Superior binding technology, perfect as a makeup primer
  • 40 mLe 1.35 FL OZ, specially filled in airless bottle
Serum Savant Primer

Sheer Results

Serum Savant Primer

Our Primer blends our Serum with a unique créme, perfect for your morning routine. Makeup effortlessly adheres to our Primer for a flawless finish that works on your skin throughout the day.

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Evening Routine

  • Fill in lines and diminish wrinkles
  • Boost moisture and smoothness
  • 40 mLe 1.35 FL OZ, specially filled in airless bottle
Serum Savant

Intensive Concentrate

Serum Savant

Our proprietary blend of Serum Savant works to restore radiance, tighten skin where it sags, boost the skin’s natural moisture, and contour from within to dramatically reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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Kane NY

The Results

Luxury skincare with injectable intelligence

Kane NY serums deliver results far far beyond what is typically achieved through topicals. Daily users report their skin feels more hydrated, tighter, more radiant, and dramatically smoother and softer. These skin changes also reduce wrinkles, increase plumpness, and reverse overall signs of aging.

Kane NY


Introducing HALO-C

After years of research on injectables, Dr. Kane perfected the HA delivery system using a proprietary molecule we call HALO-C. Serum Savant is packed with HALO-C, the vehicle that delivers brighteners, vitamins, anti-aging actives deep below the skin’s surface to reduce wrinkles and restore your skin’s natural plumpness.

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We’re getting noticed on the world’s most famous faces, feeds and pages. From our homebase in NYC to wherever gorgeous skin is the goal. In other words, everywhere.